Cervical cancer screening during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Australian Department of Health has advised recently that it is important for Australian women to continue their cervical screening if it is due and also to present for any follow up investigations that are recommended.

The Australian National Cervical Screening Program is encouraging healthcare providers to continue to offer routine screening and follow up as usual. If you have received a reminder about cervical cancer screening and you have any questions or concerns, call your GP to talk about your circumstances.

If you are experiencing symptoms, such as abnormal bleeding, spotting or pain or if you have any worrying issues with your body, seek medical advice. Don’t be afraid of going to your GP for fear of catching COVID-19 when there is potentially a greater risk to your health should diagnosis of underlying medical conditions be delayed. Early detection is important. If you are concerned about visiting your doctor, GPs are offering telehealth or phone consultations instead and they can advise if you require an in-person appointment, or further investigations.

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