Cancer Surgery

Gynaecological cancers are malignant tumours that arise from the female reproductive system. Tumours develop when cells suddenly grow in uninhibited ways.

Gynaecological cancers are named from the organ that they arise from. Within this organ, there are several cell types and tumours are then further classified by this cell type.

Symptoms - Some gynaecological cancers cause symptoms and others don’t. Any abnormal vaginal bleeding/discharge should be a warning sign fro uterine, cervical, vulval or vaginal cancer and should be investigated. Any persistent or increasing bloating, lumps and change in bowel or bladder habits should be investigated to exclude ovarian cancer.

Risk factors are any elements that increase a person’s risk of developing cancer. However, even people not displaying risk factors can develop gynaecological cancer. Even young girls, pregnant women and women who always led a very healthy life can develop gynaecological cancer.

Diagnosis - Gynaecological cancers are diagnosed by health professionals. Some symptoms may trigger investigations, such as a blood test (tumour markers), medical imaging (ultrasound, CT) or a biopsy.

My practice offers help to prevent, diagnose and manage treatment for gynaecological cancers.

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