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The Need

As the Director of Research of the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer (QCGC), I support raising funds for gynaecological cancer research. QCGC Research is a Centre within The University of Queensland (UQ).

I am also a founding member of the Cherish Women's Cancer Foundation. At Cherish, we understand that medical research is critical to inform clinical decision-making in our hospitals. As governments increasingly retract from research funding, gynaecological cancer research will depend more and more on private and corporate initiatives, such as Cherish.

Why donate to research?

Each year in Australia, more than 6000 women are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer and this number is increasing each year. Almost a third will not survive their disease. More than ever before, we need to increase research into quality treatments as this group of cancers is costing Australia $182 million a year, affecting women’s quality of life and having an impact it shouldn’t be having in this day and age.

Cherish's primary aim is to raise funds to assist with research into gynaecological cancer:

  • Minimise the incidence of gynaecological cancer,
  • Give us a more reliable diagnosis faster,
  • Recognise women with genetic conditions so that cancer can be prevented,
  • Will allow gynaecological surgeons to offer more effective treatments,
  • Will make life worth living after cancer treatment is completed. 

If you wish to donate to the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer, make a gift or leave a bequest in your will, click here.

If you wish to donate to Cherish, click here.

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