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What we need from you

Many thanks for trusting our practice to look after your patient. In order to look after our patent in the best possible way, we appreciate the following information prior to the initial consultation:

  1. Reason for referral
  2. Any histopathology or medical imaging reports that are relevant (including the name of the institution where the histopathology or medical imaging was performed)
  3. We are keen to understand the patients surgical and medical history. If patients are medically impaired it would be irresponsible to offer expedite surgery.
  4. In particular, we are keen to know if the patient is on blood thinners. A list of blood thinners is available through this link.
  5. We are also interested to know if you are happy for us to contact the patient. There is nothing much worse than our office contacting the patient when she does not know that she needs to see me.

We can be contacted through the following ways:

Phone: (07) 3128 0800
Fax: (07) 3831 6770
Email: reception@obermair.info
Medical objects

For urgent assistance, please feel free to call Dr. Obermair on his mobile 0411 800 029.