Chilling in Brisbane – Base Camp preparation

What am I doing in a freezer? Well, thanks to our friends at The Standard Market Company, who have supported the Battle events for many years, I’m getting cold! There is method in my madness. In about three weeks, this will be me – freezing at Everest Base Camp.

AO freezer 1

In April, the weather is meant to be fantastic in Nepal. It’ll be the middle of spring and the skies should be clear. But the average daytime temperature is about 10°C and the minimum temperature is about -10°C. If you’re not prepared, cold temperatures can make for an uncomfortable trip. Even worse, they can cause injury or illness.

In my profession, I need all my digits (especially my fingers), so I’m taking care to protect them from the cold. I also need to know that people are donating to medical research. It keeps me going. There is so much more we need to understand about gynaecological cancer – how to detect it earlier, how to treat it effectively and how to support women and their families as they face this disease.

For the Cherish Trek, I’m ready to get very chilly for vital research into women’s cancers. Your donation will give me warmth on the coldest of days. Please support the team here.

My sincere thanks to everyone that has already donated to the trek fundraising campaign. Your generous support, inspirational messages and playlist suggestions are truly appreciated. Together we are helping find kinder, better and more effective treatments for all women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer now and in the future by raising critical funds for research. 

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