New iPhone App

The app will be free and based on research carried out at QCGC in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic. It suggests that the risk and the localisation of recurrence can be predicted to some extent. We identified eight (8) factors that are routinely available to gynaecological oncologists: Patients age at diagnosis, FIGO stage, histological cell type, Grade, Lymph vascular space invasion, depth of myometrial invasion, peritoneal cytology and maximum tumour size. The app calculates the risk of local (vagina and pelvis) and distant (outside the pelvis) recurrence.

At the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer we are in the final stages of developing a new iPhone app (Uterine Cancer Recurrence Prediction Calculator) to estimate the risk of recurrence after surgery for uterine cancer.

The risk calculator is based on data collected from 2,097 patients who underwent surgery for stage 1 to 3 uterine cancer in Queensland (Australia) and on statistical support from the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA.

Information for patients: Please contact your clinician to obtain the information required for the app and to discuss the clinical significance of the findings. The risk calculator does not represent or replace a medical consultation. This app was developed with the greatest scientific carefulness but the developers make no warranties regarding the accuracy or usefulness of any information provided in the risk calculator. The app may be updated from time to time as new evidence emerges.

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