Three seconds of life everyday goes a long way

When my daughter showed me some one-second videos she’d recorded, I was intrigued. I thought I could use this idea to capture my preparation for the Cherish Trek.  Five weeks ago, I started videoing three seconds every day, and I was surprised by the results. 

In the videos, you can see my work, the operating theatre, the nurses and support team, pilates and my family. On most days, I’d be inspired to make a video, and sometimes, not.

Instead of just recording my preparation for the Cherish Trek, this project made me realise how we don’t really value seemingly small moments of our days. It also challenged my belief that busy people don’t have time for themselves. But in reality we do! Filming these short videos made me appreciate the individual moments that are included in every day.

It’s not necessary to share your video to feel the benefit of such a project. But, because I started the project for the Cherish Trek, I’ve combined all my three-second clips into one film for you. 

In prep for the Cherish trek 

While I’m trekking, I will keep capturing brief moments each day, so I can share another film with you upon my return.

This is my last entry before I depart on Saturday. I’d like to thank everyone who has donated.

I am humbled by your generosity and support.  For anyone who hasn’t had a chance to support the cause and would like to, my fundraising page will stay active during the trek.

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