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COVID-19 Pandemic

Are we still seeing patients?

Despite COVID-19 we are seeing patients who need specialist management.

After initial consultation, the urgency (or category) of any required surgery can be assessed. Booking for surgery will be dependent on the category. 

Are we still operating on patients?

Our practice offers prompt surgical bookings for category 1 and 2 patients. We are wait-listing category 3 patients for surgery once current restrictions are lifted. 

Are patients still going ahead with chemotherapy and radiation treatment?

Patients are currently having chemotherapy or radiation treatment as usual. Precautions have become routine to minimise the risk of patients developing septicaemia or other complications.

What precautions do we take for patients safety?

We screen patients to make sure that patients who have fevers, cough and flu-like symptoms, don’t attend for personal appointments.

To minimise exposure, we schedule patients so that only a few people sit in the waiting room.

Patients who require advice only (no physical examination) are offered a zoom telehealth consult. Zoom consults are scheduled by our reception staff who also provide instructions to patients how to use zoom.

What if I can’t get medical imaging done urgently locally?

Our practice has excellent contacts to local medical imaging providers who bend over backwards to help with urgent medical care.

How do we manage medical comorbidities?

We have a wonderful selection of physicians – cardiologists, endocrinologists, respiratory physicians – and friendly surgeons who are available at a phone call for advice and assistance in our patients’ management. These colleagues know that most of our patients require urgent interventions.

“Non-urgent” patients

We counsel patients who currently can’t receive surgery to bridge the time until surgical treatment becomes available for them again.

Can I discuss a case with Dr Obermair?

Of course you can. Pls call (07) 3128 0800. Rebecca or Tonya will facilitate a discussion with me.

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