Is it safe for gynaecological cancer patients to have the flu vaccine?

The Influenza vaccine is safe even for gynaecological cancer patients and now is the time to have it as Australia heads into winter. This includes patients who are currently undergoing chemotherapy/and or radiation, or recovering from surgery.

Cancer itself and cancer treatments may affect your immune system’s ability to fight off infection. If cancer patients develop influenza this may put them at a higher risk for developing complications from the virus.

The influenza vaccine is normally given annually before the start of the flu season which is March to April but may be given any time during the year.

Health authorities are urging people to have flu vaccination to prevent patients developing a double whammy, which is to develop both seasonal influenza and COVID-19. While the flu shot won’t prevent against COVID-19, the influenza vaccine is the best protection to have against the flu.

If you have underlying medical conditions talk to a healthcare provider. However health professionals recommend that the vast majority of people should get the flu shot to protect themselves but also to protect people they live with.

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